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In order to become a full time pilot in Dallas, Texas, you must start with sport pilot license training.

Whether you have flown before or are completely new to the world of flying, a sport pilot license from Pilot Training Dallas is an affordable and exciting way to fly real aircraft! The requirements for a sport pilot license are much less than that of a private pilot license. So if you are ready to take the controls of an airplane, glider, or hot air balloon!

As long as you carry a valid US Driver's License and a desire to learn to fly you are ready to begin! The experience you will go through while earning your sport pilot license in Dallas, TX will be both exhilarating and knowledgeable. Pilot Training Dallas will ensure that both the aircraft and instructor you will be learning with are up to both your satisfaction and the FAA, as well. While we want each and every participant in the sport pilot license program to have a blast, safety is our #1 priority. To start your training, give Pilot Training Dallas a call now at 1-855-445-8796 and a representative can further assist you!

Sport Pilot License Dallas TX
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What to Expect

In order to receive your sport pilot license you must meet all of the requriements to the right. The sport pilot license program is designed to teach you everything you need to know to become a part of the world of flying. If you have questions, please call 1-855-445-8796 for further assistance.

Requirements for License

  • Minimum of 17 Years of Age
  • Proficiency in English (Reading and Writing)
  • Valid, State Issued Driver's License
  • 20 Hours of Flight Time (5 Solo)
  • Pass Oral and Written FAA Tests